Adopt a Hectare. Help Preserve the Worlds Biodiversity, combat climate change and help sustainable production models for local communities.

You can be part in our effort to protect Colombia’s biodiversity, per square meter the most biodiversity of any country.

Adopt a Hectare and your gift will help protect pristine land for conservation, we will preserve the wealth of biodiversity which includes among others the most species of birds in the world at more than 1754 species

By protecting land and biodiversity we are helping combat climate change one hectare at a time
By establishing sustainable production models for local communities with an emphasis on areas with a history of armed conflict and training locals will ensure that we have the best way to conserve the biodiversity.

Adopt a Hectare
Our goal is to protect thousands of hectares that are essential to combat global warming, will preserve the wealth of biodiversity and ensure that future generations have the opportunity to enjoy them.
You can help protect some of the world’s most beautiful and diverse habitats when you Adopt a Hectare today.