The Foundation Land Life Future (LLF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the biodiversity of Colombia and the promotion and sustainable use of Colombian nature in general.

To fulfil our objectives, the Foundation develops a series of specific programs including:

  • Establishing private natural reserves
  • Reforestation with native species
  • Recovery and protection of endangered species
  • Fight against the traffic of wild species
  • Control of invasive species
  • Strengthen environmental awareness among rural and urban dwellers
  • Strengthen and promote ecotourism in and around National Parks
  • Establish sustainable production models for local communities through a cooperative network
  • Promote sustainable production models in areas with a history of armed conflict

Human footprint is at an all-time high, humans have developed in 75% of the planet’s habitable areas. Our pursuit of private natural reserves will reduce deforestation and protect biodiversity. By reducing the destruction of virgin lands, we are also helping combat climate change one hectare at a time and in the process, we are helping to ensure that the livelihood of local communities and of millions of farmers, like coffee growers, is not affected by the danger that climate change possess on Coffee production and farming in general.


Our mission is to preserve the biodiversity of Colombia by acquiring land to create private natural reserves, “Reservas Naturales Privadas”


Preserving biodiversity now and for future generations